License Terms



This agreement is legally binding and defines the licenses and terms for users as well as artists as an addition to specific documents. Make sure to read and understand it carefully.




The Musemug licenses grants you a limited right to use a piece of music (recorded material) in your personal or organizational usage, for your clients or employer. For this license you agree to pay Musemug a license fee which may vary depending on license type (standard, broadcast or film), length, genre etc.


The license agreement is between the artist and the user, Musemug is not a party to this license while retaining the rights to sell licenses of the recording. Artists retain ownership of the item and only grants you a license to use within terms defined in this agreement. The recording is protected by the international copyright law.

If MuseMug gets a notice that any music or sound files may be subject to a claim of infringement of another’s right, MuseMug may require Licensee to immediately stop using the Licensed Material, delete or remove the Licensed Material from its premises and ensure that its clients do likewise. MuseMug shall provide Licensee with comparable Licensed Material free of charge and subject to the other terms and conditions of this agreement.


This license grants an on going license for online videos, company websites, web advertisements, social media, apps and other derivative web usage. Web license grants an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide usage for single media project. With this license you can not use the recording for broadcast or film purposes.



Broadcast license covers and includes commercial films,TV, radio, online streaming, video on demand, iTunes, Netflix (and similar services) audiobooks and podcasts with the inclusion productions that are physically distributed on DVDs, CDs, or any data storage device.

This license is for a single project and includes web license.


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